Wills and Probate

At Alfred Newton Solicitors have been dealing with estate administration for some 75 years so you can be assured we can offer every possible assistance at what can be a very difficult, sensitive and traumatic time for you and your family.


Some people have the view that when they are gone it won’t matter to them what happens to their assets and affairs – such people will not bother to make a Will. However most people have a serious interest in who gets what of their assets following their death and indeed feel a real sense of responsibility in planning what should happen and in arranging it.

When making a Will there are a wide variety of situations and emotions that need to be taken into account. At Alfred Newton Solicitors we have a wealth of experience in helping people make a will that suits them, we like to talk to our clients and tailor the Will to meet their individual needs.

People of all ages should consider making a Will, which when carefully drafted can deal with:

  • Appointing a Guardian for your children
  • Family memorabilia
  • Provide for funeral arrangements
  • Providing for those left behind
  • Taxation
  • Pets

There are a number of situations where it may be necessary to change your Will. These include:

  • A birth or death in the family
  • Marriage
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Relative losing mental/physical capacity
  • Change in family circumstances

We would be happy to come out to you at home or whilst you are in hospital to assist you in making a Will.

We also run free will schemes on behalf of The Institute of Cancer Research and the Stroke Association.

  • Cancer Research
  • Stroke Association

Free Will Schemes

We are currently running Free Will Schemes on behalf of The Institute of Cancer Research (for clients of 50+) and The Stroke Association (for clients of 60+) where our costs of drawing the Will are met by the specific charity chosen.

There is no cost to you for using this scheme but it is the charities hope that you will remember them in your Will.

We also partake in a number of other charity Will Schemes where we do not charge for our services, in return for a donation to the charity. The charities we have assisted so far include The Christie, Will Aid and The East Cheshire Hospice. Please contact us for further information about these schemes.

Probate and Estate Administration

Dealing with a loved one’s estate can be a difficult and bewildering process.

At Alfred Newton we are here to help you administer the estate, including applying for Probate (if there is a Will), applying for Letters of Administration (if there is no Will), completing Inheritance Tax Returns , collecting in the assets, paying the liabilities, and providing estate accounts for the Executors and Beneficiaries.

We are happy to deal with estates of all sizes and provide tailored advice to Executors.


We are very experienced in the formation of Trusts and the carrying out of the terms of them.

Trusts can be created independently or frequently by the terms of a Will and usually involve the review of Trust Funds over a number of years whilst the Trust subsists for the benefit of one or a group of people who may be adult or minors. We can also advise current Trustees on their duties and responsibilities which is now onerous in view of new trust legislation.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is now claiming as victims many people for whom it was never originally intended and we advise on inheritance tax issues and inheritance tax planning.