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Our head of Landlord and Tenant Department is an experienced member of the North West Housing Lawyers Association and our department specialises in advising and representing landlords, tenants and homeowners in all types of disputes, difficulties and evictions.

We are able to assist with the following areas:

Evictions – Landlords

Evicting your tenants can be very stressful. Depending on the tenancy agreement in place, we work with you to serve the required notice, whether this is a Section 21 or Section 8 notice, and can even work with bailiffs to enforce an eviction if necessary. We represent our clients in court when a possession order is required and complete all of the legal paperwork. Speak to one of our experienced team to find out which service suits your needs best.

We can provide a whole, bespoke service whether you require just a notice, representation at Court or enforcing a possession order. We often provide a full service from start to finish, relieving the Landlord from the stress and worry of the Court process and whether you may have made any mistakes!

Rent arrears

For landlords we can issue a section 8 notice, apply to court for a possession order or apply for a warrant for possession if the tenant/s fail to leave the property. We always advise landlords and tenants on dispute resolutions and mediation as an alternative to court action.

If your tenant is in more than two months’ worth of rent arrears, you are able to issue a Section 8 Notice which can give them as little as two weeks’ notice to vacate the property. You can then make an application to the County Court for a possession order.

Repair issues – also known as ‘disrepair’

All landlords have a legal duty to ensure properties are fit for human habitation and meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standard. Allegations of disrepair can be very stressful, and it is important you have proper legal advice about your duties and what steps can be taken to resolve the issues. We advise Landlords when tenants have raised complaints of disrepair at a property and can provide representation during any Court proceedings.

Security of tenure

There are various forms of tenure but the most common is Assured Shorthold Tenancy for a minimum of 6 months. Some tenancies have no security at all and the rules are different for those that began before 28 February 1997. Speak to one of our experts if you have any questions relating to the security of your tenancy.

Tenancy agreements

Assured shorthold tenancies are the most popular choice for residential lettings in England and Wales, and they govern the terms and conditions of the agreement, but they are not the only option available to you. You will need the right agreement for your property and to ensure your rights are protected as a landlord. Speak to one of our housing team to ensure you have the best possible advice for your situation. We can draft the right tenancy agreement for your needs.

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