The new Power of Attorney Act 2023 received Royal Assent on 18th September 2023. No timescales have been given as to when the changes will happen, but it is said to modernise the current system.


The new changes to the bill are set to include –

  • A new digital registration process.
  • Only donors will be able to apply for a Lasting Power of Attorney. Donors can sign the application digitally, on paper, or a combination of the two.
  • Identity checks to help prevent fraud.
  • A better process for objecting to the registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney.


According to the website “The digitalisation will speed up registration time by picking up errors earlier and allowing them to be fixed online rather than having to wait for documents to be posted back and forth between the applicant and the Office of the Public Guardian as currently happens.


An improved paper process will also be introduced for those unable to use the internet.”


You can currently make a Lasting Power of Attorney online, however, we would always recommend obtaining legal advice as errors with the forms can lead to lengthy delays.


If you are considering making a Lasting Power of Attorney, contact us at Alfred Newton Solicitors to make an appointment to answer any questions that you have and to discuss the process.


Joanna Skelly, Paralegal.