Probate & Estate Administration

Probate is dealing with someone’s estate when they die. This can be a difficult and bewildering process. At Alfred Newton we are here to help you administer the estate, it can be overwhelming and confusing particularly if the estate is complex. However, if you choose to administer the will yourself, we can help with submitting the relevant paperwork.

Our services include applying for Letters of Administration (if there is no Will); completing Inheritance Tax Returns; collecting in the assets; paying the liabilities and providing estate accounts for the Executors and Beneficiaries. We are happy to deal with estates of all sizes and provide tailored advice to Executors. We can discuss your particular requirements and offer impartial advice to ensure that the correct process is followed, just get in touch. Our experienced team provide care and attention at what can be a very difficult time.

For information on the potential cost of dealing with an estate please click here.

Probate Fees

We believe that it is important that you know at the outset of your matter the extent of the likely costs. We will explain to you the costs the you are likely to incur at the commencement of your matter. It may be that a precise figure cannot be given; in that situation we will provide you with an estimate of the changes and we will keep you updated as the case progresses.

The costs of handling the administration of an estate can vary depending upon how complex a matter is and the extent of the assets and liabilities. Mostly this work is carried out based on an hourly rate but some cases may be eligible to be carried out on a fixed fee. Our hourly rates range for £150+vat for a junior Solicitor, to £200+vat for our Partners and most experienced Solicitors.

We have provided some examples below of the cost of dealing with different types of estate. Please note that the below examples relate to our charges only and do not include disbursements. At present the Court fee for applying for a Grant of Probate is £155, plus £1.50 for additional copies of the Grant.

  • Dealing with an estate where there is a Will, only one bank account and no more than more property, and the estate is below £325,000; this is likely to be eligible for a fixed fee of £950+vat
  • Dealing with an estate which exceeds £325,000, or where are more than three assets with different providers, but a long form inheritance return is not required; this is likely to cost between £2,000-£5,000+vat.
  • Dealing with an estate which exceeds £325,000, where a long form inheritance return is required and there are more than three assets with different providers; this is likely to cost between £5,000-£10,000+vat, depending on the number of assets and the complexities of the inheritance tax return.
  • Dealing with an estate without a Will; where someone dies without a Will the same processes in relation to the collection of their assets will apply, however there are usually some additional costs in carrying out checks to ensure there has been no Will previously made and in taking steps to identify the correct person to deal with the estate. The same basis of charge as explained about will apply but we estimate additional charges may be between £1,000-£3,000+vat and disbursements, however we can give you a more accurate quote once we know more about the circumstances of your matter.

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