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First two-year fix mortgage deal below 5% in 5 months

Last week, Nationwide were the first lender to cut their mortgage rates, offering a two-year fix below 5%.  The market has not seen a two-year fix mortgage deal below 5% since June. The lender is offering 4.99% with a £999 fee on it’s two year fix and has also cut mortgage rates on its 3 [...]

First two-year fix mortgage deal below 5% in 5 months2023-11-15T13:30:50+00:00

Property Searches; what are they?

When you buy or remortgage a property, your Solicitor will require a lot of information before they can give you any advice. The legal documentation provided by the Seller’s Solicitor needs to be considered and further information requested where appropriate.  Ordering your searches will be the next step in the process, to give you further [...]

Property Searches; what are they?2023-10-09T17:02:50+01:00

Power of Attorney Act 2023 – the digitisation of Lasting Power of Attorneys!

The new Power of Attorney Act 2023 received Royal Assent on 18th September 2023. No timescales have been given as to when the changes will happen, but it is said to modernise the current system.   The new changes to the bill are set to include - A new digital registration process. Only donors will [...]

Power of Attorney Act 2023 – the digitisation of Lasting Power of Attorneys!2023-10-06T13:51:38+01:00

Special Guardianship Orders

What is a Special Guardianship Order? Sometimes, a young person may need to live apart from their parents. It may be that a local authority has broached the idea of a Special Guardship Order with you, or a private arrangement has been discussed between parents and carers. A Special Guardian is usually someone with a [...]

Special Guardianship Orders2023-09-27T14:10:13+01:00

Court – What to expect

I have recently been on jury service, and it made me realise how not knowing what to expect can create/ or add to the feelings of stress when going to court. I attend family courts, almost daily, but I still had a hint of nerves going into the criminal courts in a role I was [...]

Court – What to expect2023-09-20T21:37:49+01:00

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows you to appoint one or more people (your Attorney or Attorneys)  to make decisions on your behalf if you’re no longer able to, or if you no longer want to make your own decisions. You can only appoint an Attorney (or Attorneys) whilst [...]

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?2023-09-07T22:11:48+01:00

Parental Responsibility

Everyone who has a child will at some point have heard the phrase parental responsibility, but what does it actually mean? Who has is? How can I obtain it if I don’t have it? To start at the beginning. Parental Responsibility or PR is defined as being all the rights, duties and responsibilities, that a [...]

Parental Responsibility2023-08-29T22:10:03+01:00

Building Regulations – When do I need them?

When do I need consent? When you look to make changes to your property, you must consider whether consent is required first, within this article we hope to offer some guidance. The Building Regulations Act 2010 is the legislation that covers construction and extension of buildings, which also incorporates alterations to the property. Works requiring [...]

Building Regulations – When do I need them?2023-08-24T23:02:45+01:00

Unregistered Property – The Issues

What is land registration? The Land Registry are the institution that record all registered property covering England and Wales.  They record the legal owners, any mortgages that are secured against the property and any covenants or restrictions over the property. Compulsory registration was first implemented in 1926, and was introduced in stages throughout the country, [...]

Unregistered Property – The Issues2023-08-23T22:18:03+01:00

Why should I avoid making my own Will and consider making a Will with Alfred Newton Solicitors instead?

In a recent case, Henrietta Ingram & Anor v Simon Timothy Abraham & Anor, a mother had previously made a professional Will in 2008 however, she then made her own subsequent Will in 2019 using an internet template. Her intention was to ensure that her 2 older children and younger child would benefit from her [...]

Why should I avoid making my own Will and consider making a Will with Alfred Newton Solicitors instead?2023-08-18T15:07:06+01:00
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